Second Band a Slovak blues band, was formed by Peter Stojka (harmonica) and Juraj Parízek (ac. guitar, vocal) in 1994. At the beginning of forming the band arranged blues standards, but also composed their’s own autor’s songs. Until 2003 a lot of musicians used to play in the band so that finally Second Band could return back to their roots as a duet. After the 2006 year this duet (harmonica and guitar) was enhanced by two new members and two new acoustic instruments – guitar and double bass. At the end of 2015, leaving (due to health problems) the band guitarist Pavol Parízek. Because the band formed the project “Blue Thursday” at the beginning of the year 2016 the band has expanded the drummer. This formation plays to the present day. Second band plays theirs songs in East Coast Blues style.
Members: Juraj Parízek (vocal, guitar), Peter Stojka (harmonica, percusions, vocal), Marek “Polo” Polonec (bass guitar) and Denis Čapkovič (drums).
The Second Band had published two CD’s and three live DVD’s in their’s self publishing. During the year the band performing on various club’s and festival scenes.




ac. guitars, el. guitars, vocal

co-founder of Second Band, excellent singer and player on acoustic and electric guitars. Friend with Peter Stojka since 1982 when they formed their first musician band "PS". Experiences with local rock and blues-rock musician bands (Pulz, Huler-Puler), where he plays also on bass guitar. As quest with local bluesrock band Blueshouse.



harmonicas, vocal, percusions

co-founder and unofficial „impresario" of Second Band. Experiences with local rock and blues-rock musician bands (Pulz, Len Tak, FK Blues Band, Blues Mother In Law), special guest the band Blueberries and bluesmen (Peter "Bonzo" Radványi, Juraj Turtev, Ján Litecký-Šveda).



bass guitar, double bass

experienced bass player and vocalist. Performing in groups Dependent, Dno, Screams, Lamps and Stinky Rich Band, with love for blues, rock and music for the 60’s. Member of Second Band since May 2017.




the youngest member blues drummer in Slovakia. He was played on drums from his six years, educated in their musical field. Performing in pop clusters, Second Band member since June 2016.